Thursday, July 28, 2011


So I had my first adventure in my new mini kitchen at my house, and let's just say I survived.  I only burnt the first set of cookies and I decorated the whole batch.  And most importantly I want to do it again.  These are not by any means perfect but I think its a good starting point.  Practice makes perfect.

My purchases from Meijer.  I did not have any baking supplies so I got all new, including princess cookie cutters.

I used a mix for the cookie dough, easy and still taste good.  I mostly just wanted to decorate.

First batch that I end up burning.  I should have made all my cookies a little thicker.

2nd set.  I love the shapes :)

Only set I baked perfectly.

Here is where I start to get very messy.  I need a squeeze bottle for the flooding icing.

My favorite :)

Finished product.  Not too shabby.


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