Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hello everybody,  sorry for the delay in posts but my vacation was much needed and I choose to stay away from my computers and such.  But I am back and ready to see what I have missed, including starting a new social network.

I have decided that I am a big fan of Google and I support them taking over the world, at the anything to do with computers, internet, and social networking.  Let's face it, we all use Blogger, a Google product.  At least us bloggers like Blogger.  Anything you need to know information, you just "Google" it.  I am a big fan of Google Docs.  And now I am a big fan of Google+.  While right now it is annoying because not everyone has it but I love the ideas and features I have discovered on it.  It snycs well with my android, it is much easier to publicly or privately share stuff.  And we can all agree that we have too many Facebook friends and starting new could be beneficial.  While I still do not understand all the features I think I am going to come to like it and I am rooting for Google+ to take down Facebook like Facebook took down MySpace.  But yes I still have my Facebook and Twitter, I am not ready to part that much from my other social networking sites.

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