About Me

My name is Kim and I am currently attending Xavier University and am a Marketing Major, Math Minor.  I have loved my college experience so far and am looking forward to the rest of my time.

Our Real World
 I currently am living in a college house with 6 other girls, always an adventure. Much like Real World in a way.  I live in the basement.  Sarah, Annie, and Bern live on the middle floor.  And Kellie, Em, and Em Dos live upstairs.  Sarah and I have been friends since freshmen year, and spend many hours watching Criminal Minds, The OC, or One Tree Hill, totally TV Junkies.  Em and I have been best friends since about 5th grade and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  She is my sister from  another mother (would sound much better if she was a brother from another mother, but you get the idea).  Annie and I went to high school together and she lived with Em, Sarah, and I last year.  Bern, Kellie, and Em Dos or just Dos lived together last year.  I am sure I will have many stories to tell, much like MTV's Real World.

 I am interning at Great American Insurance and someday plan to get a job with more of a marketing focus.  My dream job is to be a high profile event planner and spend other people's money to plan extravagant parties, weddings, or events.
I am very blessed to have a loving family including my parents, 2 brothers and sister-in-law.  I have a great BF who was my high school sweetheart who can make me smile even on my worst days.
I new to the blogging world and am learning new things everyday that make the blog more enjoyable and hopefully look more professional.