Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bedroom Blues

I have been exhausted this week.  School is coming to an end and that means a lot of projects.  The weather has not been very Spring like except for the rain.  It has been cold and all I have wanted to do is lay in bed.  Hence, my inspiration, bedrooms.  Granted I live in a little college apartment with other girls but if I had money and my own place, I would love to decorate.  

I love this bed from Target, simple yet elegant.

 I am really into the black and white beds.  This one is from Target, too.

Look at these fun pillows I found on Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I want a set of these.

As I was searching on the internet for bedding, I have found some crazy beds that I think are worth sharing.

This is the romantic floating bed.
romantic outdoor canopy bed Outdoor Canopy Romantic Bed Design 

This would be a sweet bed to have as a kid.

You never would have to worry about falling out of the bed.

And if you fall out of this bed....you are going to be in trouble.

Remember it is okay to stay in bed all day and relax when the weather is ugly.  Make sure you cuddle up, watch a good movie or spend time catching up on your shows.

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