Monday, June 27, 2011

Causal Friday at the Office

At my work, we barely every get Causal Fridays or Jeans day.  However, the office is closing early this Friday so I have my fingers crossed that maybe this Friday we will be able to wear jeans.  Causal Fridays can be confusing because you never want to look like a slob at work (You never know who you are going to meet) but its Casual Friday so you want to be comfortable.  I picked out the below outfit because it is classy enough to wear to work but then could instantly transform into a night/ going out outfit.  Everything is reasonably priced except the the Coach wristlet and ring.  But a girl can dream right?

Causal Friday

J Crew sweater , $40
Vera Wang asymmetrical top, $34
American Eagle jean, $45
Jade shoes
Coach wristlet bag, $128
Claire's jewelry, $8.50
Coach jewelry, $78

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