Friday, June 3, 2011

So College! - New Home

If I was not living on the college budget like so many of us are, I would love to have my dream bedroom, where everything matches, everything is new or at least in good shape, and I would be able to paint the walls the only I want.  But hey, I am in college so I will make best of what there is to offer.  Here are examples of some of my dream rooms.

Bedroom - Green

Dream - Bedroom

And here are the pictures of my luxurious bedroom, kitchen, bathroom.  
These are the pictures before my positions. 

 The lighting in the room isn't ideal for perfect pictures but you get the idea.
This was the first load of things.

Second load of more of my stuff.

And this is where I start to organize.  (Sort of)

BF made me an extra shelf ;)

First decoration.  Baby steps around here.

Futon pile, the screws were left somewhere else.  Like I said, baby steps.

Color coded closets make me happy.

It is still a work in progress.  I will be sure to show the finish product.

Have a good week!

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