Friday, June 10, 2011

Mini Vacation

I need a vacation ASAP, work is kicking my butt and I just want to get away and relax.  It is Summer.  I seem to be busier during the Summer than I am during the school year, except no PAPERS!  Well, I should be working on my internship paper, but we will worry about that at a later date.

Where I would like to be...

Where I am today...

But good news! I am heading to Cumberland Lake this weekend with my two besties.  I am so excited to get away even if it is for the weekend.  Our weekend will be filled with boating, sunbathing, and catching up.  Let the fun began.

Everyone have a fun weekend!

And I think I am done with the redesign of the blog, except I need a signature and post dividers.  

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